Gegaarde vleesproducten, vleesverwerkend bedrijf Van der Raa Meat & More


About us

Customer focused

The owning of production facilities makes Van de Raa Meat & More independent and flexible. We work closely together with retail organizations that sell our quality products under their own brand. We are a specialized and experienced food supplier within and outside our country. We produce our products as consumer units or bulk. By keeping the logistics in our own hands we are very flexible.

Family Business

The people who work at Van de Raa Meat & More are enthusiastic and committed. We love our work and are proud of all the products we produce. Despite the significant growth the informal, open nature of our family business hardly changed. The lines are still short and the down to earth, the realistic approach has remained.


Van de Raa is since years and years a house hold name in the Netherlands. This butcher family goes back till halfway 19e century.
The present company has been set up in 1982 with a clear junction at the end of the 90ties between the traditional butcher's shop and the production location in Almere. The demand for convenience products is growing and Van de Raa Meat & More started to specialize in the cooking process of meat.